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Fuente Del Sol, The Fountain of the Sun! The sun powers the plants that give us the organic ingredients that for centuries have been known to soothe and nourish our skin and hair.

We offer organic and sustainable personal care products. Our products are derived from nature, formulated with care, and shared with love. All of our products are blended from a carefully curated list of ingredients that we use for our own family and now humbly share with yours...

My passion


Organic Soap

All Natural

Organic Soap


Hand Made



A Day In Paris

Escápate Conmigo 

Romantic Escape

A Day At The Spa 

Spanish Lavender

24 Karat Clean

 Teak and Sandalwood with manly notes of Oud and Tanka oils.



Girls Night Out

Magnolia in Peony Geranium & Rustic Woods

Holiday Pack

Amber and Cashmere

The Winter Rose

Bora  Bora 

Bath Bar 4.5 oz

Bora  Bora

Small Size 3.0 oz

We offer memberships for candle refills, email us for more information.

Tea Time


A Walk In The Woods

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