Fuente Del Sol

How did we get here?

  Ten years ago my wife, Elidia, and I, embarked on a journey to completely change the way we eat. Our highest priority was to provide our small children with all-organic healthy foods that we understood from the ground up, literally. We searched for and sourced the best organic seeds we could find. We refined the soil and compost we used to grow our vegetables. Every year my wife would insist that we also grew medicinal herbs and flowers that she grew up learning about in Mexico. Many of these herbs and flowers are familiar, like, Rosemary, and lavender. Other plants like Calendula flowers and different varieties of Sunflowers that have skin healing properties were unknown to me.

  Fast forward ten years and almost all of our children are grown. My wife and I still grow the same plants and have increased the production of our gardens because we love the plants and the process. We had to find another outlet for these herbs and the hydrosols, extracts, and tinctures my wife would make from these God-given, healing wonders. That is when and why "Fuente Del Sol" (Fountain of the Sun) was born. Our family had enjoyed and benefitted from these plants and the wonderful products my wife would make from them. We now offer them to you, your family, and friends.

E & V, Co-Founders of Fuente Del Sol!